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The Rock Cycle Poem

                                                              The Rock Cycle Poem

                                                       Igneous rocks are formed by magma when it cools.

                                                             It is not made by humans with tools.

                                                       Sedimentary rocks are different rocks put together.

                                                               They are made by weather.

                                                       Metamorphic rocks are rocks that change.

                                                                 The way they change is really strange.

                                                                             By: Saraiya and Jack

Comments (7)

1. no name 24/03/2014

2. puppy pumpchkin :B 02/12/2013

ty for this poem but i think it needs to be edited a little more

3. smills0 (link) 24/06/2013

I will try to work on it soon. Thanks for visiting!

4. no name 11/06/2013

could we have more poems on rocks please need for homework :D

5. no name 27/02/2013

This is a cool website! Good job, Sariah! Love it.I think I might make my own website.

6. no name please 05/02/2013


7. saraiya 26/01/2013

I love my site!!

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